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A portrait of Miguel Verweij, the author of the challenges on this website.

How I started the Power Platform Challenge

Hello. I am Miguel Verweij. I started using the Power Platform to improve my day-to-day work when I was working as an architectural engineer. The Microsoft documentation was a good start. Especially all the content available online really helped me get better at building solutions.


In August 2021 I switched careers and started as a Power Platform Solution Architect at Sogeti. Quite soon I started thinking how I could do something for the community that helped me progress.


In December 2021 I was playing advent of code when the idea of a Power Platform Challenge website crossed my mind. I discussed the idea with my friend Daniel Laskewitz who encouraged me to realize it.

The content for the challenges derives from work related development, newly introduced features that I test, and your input. So, if you have a good idea for a challenge, please let me know!

AI Generated Images

All images used on this site (except my portrait) are created using DALL-E 2 or Microsoft Designer. Both use an AI model to generate an image based on a description in natural language. I am not the greatest artist, but it helps to give the site some slightly less quirky images.

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